“You Can Be More” Moya/Talyn Vinyl Decal | Farscape


The words “You Can Be More” with small Talyn or small Moya facing to the right below the text, in white vinyl.

Total decal size: 8″ W x 3.8″ H



The words “You Can Be More” (8″ W x 2.2″ H) with your choice of small Talyn (2.5″ W x 1.1″ H) or small Moya (~4″ W x 1.1″ H) facing right below the text, all in white vinyl.

Total size of the decal is 8″ W x 3.8″ H.

Can be mirrored to go on the inside of a glass frame.



Application instructions are included.

Decals ship via USPS First Class Package in a large bubble mailer.

Care Instructions

The decal is removable, but not repositionable, nor reusable.

Decals can be applied to car windows, laptop cases, phone cases, etc. Not recommended for walls as this is a semi-permanent adhesive and could damage paint.

If bubbles appear under the vinyl after application, don’t worry! The decal needs time to cure (about 72 hours), and the bubbles will work themselves out. A hair dryer on low heat, not touching the decal, can also be used along with additional burnishing.


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